Voter Identification Requirements: We want your input!

Updated 4 yrs ago

There will be an election in 2016 to elect Members to the Legislative Assembly.

We invite your input on the types of identification held by electors across the territory, so all electors can participate. Please share your ideas with Elections Yukon by April 4, 2016.

Electors can be added to the List of Electors during the enumeration, revision period or when they vote. Electors who are added at the time of voting must provide identification.

A preliminary list of acceptable identification includes:

One piece of government-issued identification with the elector’s name and current residential or mailing address, such as an Operator’s (Driver’s) Licence or Certificate of Indian Status Card


Two documents that show the elector’s name; at least one with the elector’s current address, such as a utility bill or lease agreement


A declaration, signed by the elector, with the elector’s name and current address

For a complete list of acceptable identification, and for more information, click here.